How Much Does An Adjustment Cost



If You Come More Than Once a Month



If You Are Over 65



Easy and affordable care with no insurance hassles ... Yes, you read our fees correctly!


How do we make it so affordable?

We do not bill any insurance companies.  Our insurance department used to cost thousands of dollars a month to run; now we simply pass the savings along to you.


What about KIDS??

When we see a child in our office, we typically check the spine and adjust if needed to prevent a problem. When we adjust an adult, we are correcting a problem and trying to maintain it. There is a big difference.

We'd rather check and prevent in our office rather than waiting until we have to correct and maintain.

This is why in our office up to two kids under 18 are FREE when seen on the same visit as a parent. It is a labor of love!  Up to 3 additional children only cost $30 for the additional time slot.


For more information about the research on how chiropractic helps keep children healthy.